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Environment: a new Italian “marriage” between mega-yachts and protected marine areas

The mega yacht will no longer be obliged to keep two miles away of Italian marine protected areas, but, in compliance with all standards and undergo constant monitoring, will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Italian coast. Thanks to the new procedures set up by Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, mega yacht will be provide of a special status that allows them to approach Italian coasts and avoid bans of mooring and navigation established for passenger ships, cruise ships and cargo. With the new interpretation of existing rules - said Giovanni Gasparini, president of the yacht session of Federagenti – the Italian government recognizes the importance of balancing the need of protecting the naural environment especially in high value areas such as Sardinia and Liguria, with the opportunity of attracting flows of top range yacht tourism, very important for the Italian blue economy.

Commanders, owners and agents will have to draw a self-certification which states that the boat is involved in yachting activities including charter activities.

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